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America may be known for having expensive universities, with students racking up an average student debt of around $32,000. While that's enough to deter many applicants, there are free universities in the US, at least for its citizens. If you are thinking of studying at one of the free institutions in the USA, be sure to choose one of them.

How do you apply to a free university in the US?

Americans can apply to free universities if they meet certain criteria or requirements. Usually, these colleges have eligibility requirements like your family's financial condition, academic performance, and others. If your application is accepted, you may receive free tuition for one academic year or for the entire duration of your program.

The requirements and process may vary from one university to another and may be limited to a certain number of students. So if you're applying to a free college, make sure you start early.

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Free universities in the United States

1, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Founded in 1867, the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is the flagship school of the University of Illinois system. It is a public land-grant institution and is considered a "public ivy," meaning it offers Ivy League-level education at a cheap price (and for some, free).

The university offers 150 undergraduate and 100 graduate programs through its 15 academic departments. These are the schools for Agriculture, Fine and Applied Arts, Engineering, Medicine, Information Sciences, Health Sciences, Law, Education, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Business, Media, Social Work, Aviation, Labor and Relations Labor, Veterinary Medicine and Medicine. .

Through the Illinois Commitment, the university offers free tuition for four years to in-state students and applicants from families with incomes of $67,100 or less. The caveat here, however, is the rigorous admissions process, as college typically requires a high GPA and SAT/ACT score, especially in the College of Engineering.

2. University of Houston

The University of Houston (UH) is a public research institution that serves as the main campus of the UH system. Founded in 1927, it is the third largest school in the state of Texas.

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UH academic programs are offered by the Colleges of Architecture, Arts, Business, Education, Engineering, Hospitality and Restaurant Management, Law, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Nursing, Optometry, Pharmacy, Social Work, Technology and Medicine.

UH offers free classes for select students through the Cougar Promise. Texans who are full-time, first-time college students are eligible.

With this, the free university in the US intends to provide financial assistance to applicants who come from families with an annual income of less than US$ 65,000. Certain discounts are also given to applicants from families earning between $65,001 and $125,000 a year.

3. Virginia State University

Virginia State University, also known as Virginia or VSU, is a public land-grant institution located in Ettrick, Virginia. It opened in the year 1882 as the Virginia Collegiate and Normal Institution, which is the first state-sponsored school for black Americans.

VSU degrees are organized according to the Colleges of Agriculture, Business, Engineering and Technology, Natural Sciences, Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Graduate Studies. To date, more than 4,700 students are graduating from these programs.

VSU recently launched a free program for eligible students who live close to campus. This is made possible by the Virginia College Affordability Network, which aims to meet the needs of students in terms of access and completion. Priority is given to graduates of Colonial Heights, Petersburg, and Matoaca High Schools, although eligible applicants from other institutions are also considered.

4. Washington State University

Washington State University, colloquially known as WSU or Wazzu, is a public research and land-grant institution located in Pullman, Washington. Founded in 1890, it is one of the first land grant schools in the American West.

The university, which also has campuses in Spokane, Tri-cities, Everett and Vancouver in Canada, is organized into the Faculties of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Arts and Sciences, Business, Communication, Education, Engineering and Architecture, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy and Veterinary Medicine.


These universities helped make WSU one of the top public universities in the US To date, it is internationally recognized for its Engineering and Veterinary Medicine programs.

In accordance with the Cougar Pledge, WSU offers free tuition to students from low-to-middle-income families. This free university in the US will pay the balance of your tuition and other fees not covered by Washington College or Pell Grants. The offer can be renewed for another 3 years or a total of 8 continuous semesters.

5. University of Nebraska System

The University of Nebraska system is a consortium of public universities that began in the year 1869. Starting with a single campus in Lincoln, the system now has 3 universities (Lincoln, Omaha, and Kearney) as well as a 2-year technical college. years.

Applicants at all 3 campuses are eligible for free classes under the Nebraska Compromise. To qualify, a student must be a full-time college student and a Nebraska resident. Your household income must be $60,000 or less.

After meeting these requirements, the student can apply to the campus of their choice. You must then complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form to have your family's income and eligibility evaluated.

To maintain tuition free status, a student must maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher.

6. East Tennessee State University

East Tennessee State University or ETSU is a research-focused institution based in Johnson City, Tennessee. Founded in 1911 as the East Tennessee State Normal School, it has grown to be one of the largest universities in the state.

ETSU offers undergraduate and graduate programs in the fields of Arts and Sciences, Business and Technology, Clinical and Rehabilitation Sciences, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Public Health.


The university also offers unique degrees such as Bluegrass, Old Time, and Country Music, as well as Appalachian Studies. It also offers a Master's in Storytelling, which is the only program of its kind in the United States.

ETSU offers free tuition to full-time freshmen who receive Tennessee Student Assistance or the Tennessee Hope Lottery Scholarship Award. This will cover program tuition and service fees, but will exclude on-campus housing costs. The scholarship is also limited to in-state students.

7. Middle Tennessee State University

Middle Tennessee State University or MTSU is a public university that opened in 1911. Formerly a regular school, the Murfreesboro-based university now offers more than 300 programs in its 35 departments. These are organized into the Colleges of Basic and Applied Sciences, Health and Behavioral Sciences, Education, Liberal Arts, Media and Entertainment, and Business.

MTSU also offers unique programs such as Recording Industry Management, Concrete Industry Management, and Flight Dispatch to name a few.

Like ETSU, MTSU offers free tuition to in-state full-time students who have received a Pell Grant or HOPE Lottery Scholarship.

8. Clark University

Clark University is a private research institution located in Worcester, Massachusetts. It was inaugurated in 1887 thanks to a donation from businessman Jonas Gilman Clark. Formerly a graduate school, it ended up accepting undergraduate students in the year 1902.

The university, located in the Main South Neighborhood, oversees Clark College, it is a liberal arts college for undergraduates offering 32 programs. It also has a Graduate School of Management, Graduate School of Geography, School of Professional Studies, School of Psychology, and School of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Despite being a private school, Clark University offers free tuition to eligible Worcester residents who have lived in the University Park neighborhood for the past five years. Coverage, which lasts for four years, is provided to applicants who meet federal and state scholarship program guidelines.

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9. University of Maine at Augusta

The University of Maine at Augusta (UMA) is a regional state institution based in central Maine. As a member of the UM system since 1965, it has grown to offer 31 degrees and 37 certificates to area residents.

UMA is currently divided into two academic schools, namely Arts and Sciences and Professional Studies.

Despite being a small institution, the university is known for offering online degree courses in the fields of Information Science and Library Science.

At UMA, students can study for free through the Pine Tree State Pledge. Those who are eligible may be new or transfer students who have received a Federal Pell Grant.

10. University of the Virgin Islands

The University of the Virgin Islands (UVI) is a land-grant university located on the picturesque islands of St. Cruz, St. Thomas, and St. John. Founded in 1962 as the College of the Virgin Islands, it is one of 101 historically black colleges and universities in the United States.

UVI follows a liberal arts curriculum for its business, education, humanities and social sciences, nursing, and science and mathematics programs. It also shares instruction with other American universities, such as Engineering (together with the University of Florida, Washington University - St. Louis and the University of South Carolina) and Medicine (with Boston University).

Free tuition at UVI is offered to residents of the Virgin Islands, regardless of age, family income, or graduation date. To maintain this eligibility, the student must maintain a 2.50 GPA. Upon graduation, you must work on the island chain for a specified amount of time.

I hope this article on Free Universities in the USA has been helpful to you. Be sure to also check thePrograms available for international studentsfor more information on studying abroad!

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