Apple M2 Ultra Mac Studio: same body, more firepower (2023)

"That's the endMoving to Apple silicon,” noted John Ternus, senior vice president of hardware engineering, at last week's WWDC keynote. Apple never promised that the process would happen overnight.

Speaking at the 2020 event, CEO Tim Cook said atransitional period of two years. The company missed the deadline by a year, but a lot has happened in that time, not least the global supply chain coming to a standstill. This will adjust a timeline or two.

Apple has officially crossed the finish line with the launch of theMac pro, which has long been the odd one out. Problems with the "garbage can" model led to a complete internal rethink. The lovingly designed "cheese grater" launched in late 2019 with a starting price of $6,000. In the middle of the next year, however, everything changed.

The long-awaited introduction of Apple silicon marked a major change for the entire product line. Suddenly, the lowest-priced Macs were posting really impressive numbers. In March last year, a new contender mac-studiosits at the top of the line, replacing the short-lived iMac Pro and ostensibly the Mac Pro as well.

Most importantly, the system resembles a grown-up Mac Mini, replacing the iMac's all-in-one design with a more classic PC/monitor setup. Apple also marked the occasion by introducing a $1,599 Studio Display. Themodel I testedLast March there was an M2 Max chip. It outperformed the rest of our benchmark Mac systems and wasn't even top-shelf.

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Like Mathijsnoted in his pieceon the executive decisions that led to the development of the new desktop: "The configured Mac Studio will cost you about $3,200." Only about $20,000 cheaper than the Mac Pro I used to run this test in 2020. rekindled his love for creative professionals - a bond that had somewhat foundered in recent years.

You might assume this was the nail in the Mac Pro's coffin. In the end, however, the company returned to the well. As for why, we can answer it in one word: workflows. As much as Apple would love to be part of the creative world (who wouldn't?), inviting it into a truly professional workplace requires some concessions, namely modularity. You don't really achieve that with a compact body.

While the company noted that the studio was based on customer feedback, it was no doubt clear that much of the market was untapped. Audio and video editors, among others, rely on cards and plug-ins that require expansion slots. The Pro's significantly larger footprint makes this possible. It also provides a clearer path to upgradeability than breaking up the studio.

Company quote:

The new Mac Pro brings PCIe expansion to Apple chips for professionals who want the performance of the M2 Ultra and need internal expansion for their workflows. Mac Pro has seven PCIe expansion slots, including six open expansion slots that support Gen 4, which is 2x faster than before, allowing users to customize Mac Pro with essential cards. From audio professionals requiring digital signal processing (DSP) cards, to video professionals requiring serial digital interface (SDI) I/O cards to connect to professional cameras and monitors, to users requiring additional networking and storage capabilities, with Mac Pro, professionals can customize and expand their systems as they push the boundaries of their most demanding workflows.

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Then where is the studio? It's the much more compact option of the two. It also offers a significantly lower barrier to entry. The system starts at $1,999. The Mac Pro starts at $6,999. Of course, that's not a fair comparison. First, the Studio has an M2 Max option and the Pro only has Ultra. The Pro also starts with higher specs, such as 64GB of RAM (versus 32GB on the Studio M2 Max) and 1TB of storage (versus 512GB).

If we configure the Studio to be more comparable, it costs $3,999 - that's two thousand more than the entry-level model, but still well below the Pro. A fully loaded Studio (M2 Ultra with a 76-core GPU, 192 GB of memory and 8 TB of storage) costs $8,800. Top off the Mac Pro with similar specs and you're in the five-figure $11,800 range. Barriers to entry are relative.

Apple sent an almost completely dismantled studio. The configured model costs $6,800. This includes the M2 Ultra (24-core CPU/76-core GPU) with 128 GB of RAM and 4 TB of storage. It's important to note that the studio the company sent to test last year had the M1 Max, not the Ultra. While last week's keynote was light on chip discussions (allegedly due to supply chain issues), the M2 Ultra had its highlight. After all, you can't upgrade the Mac Pro without boosting the computing power again.

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So what's better than an M2 Max, you ask? Just. Two M2 Maxs. The Ultra is actually a pair of M2 Max chips combined through a process the company aptly calls UltraFusion (see the GIF above). So the 12-core CPU and 38-core GPU now have 24 and 76 cores, respectively (a 60-core GPU is also available).

Pro Apple:

  • M2 Ultra features a 32-core Neural Engine that delivers 31.6 trillion operations per second, which is 40 percent faster than M1 Ultra.
  • The powerful media engine has twice the power of M2 Max and further accelerates video processing. It features dedicated, hardware-enabled H.264, HEVC, and ProRes encoding and decoding, enabling the M2 Ultra to play up to 22 streams of 8K ProRes 422 video - far more than any PC chip can handle.
  • The display engine supports up to six Pro Display XDRs and powers more than 100 million pixels.
  • The latest Secure Enclave offers best-in-class security along with hardware-verified Secure Boot and runtime anti-exploit technologies.

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Of course, at $6,800, we're well above what most people would reasonably pay for a desktop system. The good news for them is that the Mac Mini and iMac are much more accessible and, like the MacBook Air, pack more than enough firepower for everyday tasks (gaming is the one major exception - though Apple still has plenty). the work that lies before us in this world). My answer is pretty much the same as the Air vs. Pro discussion: Unless your job regularly involves labor-intensive tasks, you'll probably be fine with an entry-level device. Apple Silicon has significantly increased the lower performance limit across the board.

Physically, the new studio is indistinguishable from last year's model. It's a hollowed-out piece of machined metal, brushed with the usual Mac gloss. Even the reflective Apple logo at the top borrows straight from the MacBook range. At 3.7 inches, it's just under three times the height of the Mini (the Pro is nearly two feet tall), and 0.2 inches longer and wider than the Mini at 7.75 inches. In addition to the components, the larger size provides the necessary airflow, yet is small enough to fit under your studio screen. It's quite compact, weighing 5.9 pounds versus the Mini's 2.6 pounds. The Pro is in a weight class of its own at 37.2 pounds.

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The front has holes for two USB-C/Thunderbolt 4 ports and an SD slot. Keeping the system on your desk - which most will - makes it easily accessible to photographers. That's a nice improvement over fiddling around the back of the system like the iMac. The Mac Pro is more likely to hit the ground, but luckily it's backward compatible withthe extreme apple wheels.

On the right side of the studio hangs a small round light that glows white when the device is on. On the back you'll find four more USB-C ports, a pair of USB-As, an HDMI port, the power plug, a headphone jack and Ethernet. There's also a small power button that sits flush with the case. Moving that forward would have made things a little easier, but I suspect the decision was - in part - an aesthetic one. The computer sits atop a circular vent that draws in cool air and expels heated air through the large grille that runs the length of the back panel. I moved from an old studio to get the desk ready for the newer model and discovered that a thick ring of dust had collected on the edge. If your space has a tendency to get dusty (mine does because a rabbit sheds all year round), consider cleaning the area on a semi-regular basis. First, it gets pretty dirty, and second, you don't want to clog up your computer's fan.

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The system has a single built-in speaker, while the Studio Display has six speakers. The sound is disappointing and it seems clear that the company (correctly) assumes that most people who buy the system will rely on external speakers. It goes without saying that if you edit audio or video professionally - or even as an amateur - this unit should not be used as an audio monitor.

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The Studio Display itself has not been updated. That's usually fine. Displays generally have a much longer refresh cycle than computers, which get a new chip about every year. The biggest problem with last year's model was the appalling webcam quality. Apple improved it with a firmware upgrade, but I still rely on an external webcam. The camera on a 27-inch 5K screen for $1,599 really should be better in the age of conference calls. If you really want to splurge, there's the 32-inch 6K Pro Display XDR for $4,999, though this model doesn't have the camera at all.

The M2 Max model supports up to five simultaneous displays, including four 6K displays via the rear Thunderbolt ports and one 4K display via HDMI. The Ultra offers up to eight screens in total, including:

  • Eight screens with a resolution of up to 4K at 60 Hz
  • Six screens with a resolution of up to 6K at 60 Hz
  • Three screens with a resolution of up to 8K at 60 Hz

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In my previous benchmarking, the performance figures were impressive. The M2 Ultra Mac Studio averaged 2,054 points in single-core and 28,813 points in multi-core in Geekbench 5; Compare that to the 1790 and 12,851 in our M1 Max Mac Studio tests last year.

In GeekBench 6, we averaged 2,819 points for single-core and 21,507 points for multi-core. That's the average of 2,379 and 17,579 for the M1 Ultra system in the GeekBench archive. It also roughly matches the 20% speed increase the company promised in its promotional materials. It's also about twice the score of the top Intel Macs. Notably, Apple largely compares its profits to those of its own machines. The Intel comparisons will likely be discontinued at some point.

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As for the 76-core GPU, running the Metal test in GeekBench 6 gave an average score of 221,340. That's a significant increase from the M1 Ultra's average of 150,407. According to the figure, the M2 Ultra sits between the NVIDIA RTX 4070 and 4080. High-end GPUs like the RTX 4090 continue to outperform the system graphically, but Apple has come a long way in a short amount of time, as measured by its own performance. Since these systems are designed for creative workflows and energy efficiency, comparisons to companies like NVIDIA and AMD are somewhat ambiguous.

However, the increasing focus on gaming will inevitably and understandably lead to such comparisons. NVIDIA and AMD have built extremely powerful graphics cards that Apple won't be able to match any time soon. But gaming isn't destined to become Apple's desktop mainstay either, though it's a nice and much-needed addition as Apple ramps up its gaming graphics.

Gaming has been a problem for the company for decades. Steve Jobs was notoriously not a fan of them - or even comics ("I Hate Her More Than Video Games"). Apple long ago ceded the market to Windows in favor of a simpler market approach. However, in a world where gaming has eclipsed all other forms of media, industry support is central to a full computing experience.

The company has done a great job of conquering the mobile market, but desktop PCs have proven to be an uphill battle. Taking your eyes off that particular ball has given Windows a ten-year head start. Gaming was largely left behind while Apple focused on other elements. But as with other key elements, in-house silicon provides a powerful foundation from which to begin rebuilding.

“As Capcom releases Resident Evil and other titles come out, I think the AAA community is starting to wake up and see the opportunity,” said Bob Borchers, vice president of global product marketingsaid Matthew in February. “Because what we have now with our portfolio of M-series Macs is a range of incredibly powerful machines and a growing audience of people who own these incredibly powerful systems, all of which can be addressed with a single codebase residing in the evolved over time." ."

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Photo credit:Brian Heater, No Man's Sky van Hello Games

Along with developer tools like Metal and the launch of Steam in 2010, it set the stage for a comeback of sorts. But the results are undoubtedly coming slower than Apple would like. I played some No Man's Sky this morning. The game has just been released on Steam and will soon be available on the Mac App Store. Aside from a little stutter during warm-up, it was a smooth experience. With the M2 Ultra you can increase the resolution to 3840 x 2160 (check out the new one).Metall-Performance-HUDin the GIF above).

It runs smoothly and the alien wildlife looks brilliant on display. The 76-core GPU handles the game superbly (the Studio feels warm, but not hot). It's a clear indication of where it's going, and in future generations this performance will eventually trickle down to cheaper machines (again, this configuration is very expensive for most).

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But it was one of two recommended titles - the other being Resident Evil Village. There aren't many titles on Macs right now that you could call "current." No Man's Sky came to Windows seven years ago. The Resident Evil title is much newer, coming to macOS and Switch just over seven months after its Windows/Xbox/PlayStation debut. Apple's clear goal is simultaneous release dates. Providing developers with easy-to-use tools is an important part of this, but so is convincing studios and publishers that the audience is there.

Customization will also be a sticking point for gamers. An important part of Apple's approach to removing user friction is its "It Just Works" design philosophy. That means customizing your system at checkout with components designed specifically for Apple systems. But many gamers like to build. They like the benefit and experience that comes with installing a new graphics card. The Mac Pro offers more customization options, but again, it's primarily a device designed for creative professionals.

At last week's WWDC keynote, we were introduced to three new Macs: the 15-inch Air, the Mac Studio, and the Mac Pro. The trio formed an intriguing little microcosm as Apple finally got over its lengthy transition to first-party silicon. The15 inches of air(along with its 13-inch brother) represents the false bottom for the line. These entry-level systems represent impressive processing gains for the company on the lower end. They are also the MacBooks I would recommend for most users.

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Mac Studio and Mac Pro, on the other hand, represent the current ceilings for the line. The M2 Ultra powering the systems is - quite literally - two M2 Max chips fused together. The performance numbers are correspondingly impressive and represent a company that, after what felt like years in the wilderness, has rekindled its love for creative professionals. Given the company's current chip update frequency, it's exciting to see where it goes.

The graphical progress is also impressive, but the company still has a lot to do in terms of gaming. This is currently a content issue, just like everything else. The move to first-party silicon didn't happen overnight, and that's even more true on the gaming side. Apple has never been known for humility, but I suspect even the company would admit that there's still a long way to go in this regard.

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As with the Air on the front of the laptop, the iMac or Mac Mini (depending on your monitor situation) will be more than enough for most users for most tasks. If you're into audio and video production or 3D rendering, the studio is a serious consideration. If you regularly have to work with 8K video or production music with hundreds of tracks, you need a lot of firepower.

The Mac Pro, on the other hand, is an interesting case study. It's an artifact of the understanding that true attraction to industry professionals doesn't happen in a vacuum. It's a return to the modular desktop and a tacit admission that cards and existing workflows mean a shiny new Mac Studio doesn't always fit as neatly as hoped.

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Those who need PCIe expansion slots, extra ports, and expandable storage will have to shell out a few thousand dollars more for the Pro. For the majority of those who need something more powerful than a mini, the Studio is a considerably simpler - and less expensive - choice.


Is Mac Studio the most powerful Mac? ›

The Mac Studio is one of Apple's most powerful custom Apple silicon-based Macs, offering extreme performance and a wide range of ports in a compact, desktop form factor. The Mac Studio starts at $1,999.

What is the difference between M1 Ultra and M2 Ultra? ›

M2 Ultra has a faster CPU and GPU

The M1 Ultra comes with up to a 20-core CPU and a 64-core GPU. Apple claims that the CPU in the M2 Ultra is 20% faster than its predecessor and that the GPU is 30% faster. While both chips do sport the same 16-core Neural Engine, the M2 Ultra's Neural Engine is also 30% faster.

Is M2 Ultra worth it? ›

If you're eyeing an upgrade from an Intel Mac, the M2 Max version is a great step (at least performance-wise) for anyone used to a 27-inch iMac's performance level. The M2 Ultra can run circles around the Intel Mac Pro and should perfectly match the Apple Silicon Mac Pro, as it uses the same chip.

What is the benchmark for the M2 Ultra? ›

The Apple M2 Ultra processor has been benchmarked on PassMark (two samples; high margin of error), where it produced a reasonable single-thread mark of 3,868 and a very good average CPU Mark of 47,589.

Which is more powerful Mac Studio or Mac Pro? ›

The M1 Max is less powerful in comparison, with a 10-core CPU, 24-core GPU, 16-core Neural Engine and 400GB/s memory bandwidth. This puts the Mac Studio very high up on the list of powerful Apple devices, with Apple claiming that the M1 Ultra variation is the most powerful chip ever seen in a personal computer.

Why is Mac Studio so thick? ›

It turns out, it comes down to the metal used in the computer's thermal systems. Here's what Apple spokesperson Alex Bender said in an email to The Verge: They have the same 370W power supply. The additional weight is due to M1 Ultra having a larger copper thermal module, whereas M1 Max has an aluminum heatsink.

Who needs M2 Ultra? ›

If you're into heavy video editing, processing, or graphics work and think your workflow would benefit from the M2 Ultra's power, upgrading to an M2 Ultra Mac makes sense. These machines are also ideal for training massive machine learning workloads, which generally require several machines.

What is the difference between Apple M2 and M2 Ultra? ›

M2 Ultra has twice the number of transistors

The M2 Max packs an impressive 67 billion transistors, but that count is dwarfed by the 134 billion transistors on the M2 Ultra. The M2 Ultra is best thought of as being two M2 Max chips merged together, hence having twice as many transistors.

Can M2 chip run 4K? ›

On your MacBook Pro with Apple M2 Pro, you can connect up to two external displays in the following configurations: Connect one external display with up to 6K resolution at 60 Hz using a Thunderbolt port and one external display with up to 4K resolution at 144 Hz using the HDMI port.

How much more powerful is the M2? ›

Both M2 Pro and M2 Max include Apple's next-generation, 16-core Neural Engine, capable of 15.8 trillion operations per second, and up to 40 percent faster than the previous generation.

What is better than the M2 chip? ›

The MacBook Air M1 has almost 12 hours of battery life and a bright, color-accurate 2K Retina display. It also sounds better than the MacBook Air M2, and its faster storage speeds close the performance gap between the two laptops' processors.

Is the M2 the most powerful chip? ›

Apple today unveiled the M2 Ultra chip alongside the new Mac Studio and Mac Pro, the most powerful Apple silicon chip to date. The ‌M2‌ Ultra is based on the ‌M2‌ Max chip that debuted in the refreshed 14- and 16-inch MacBook Air earlier this year.

Is M2 more powerful than M1 Max? ›

In June of 2022, the first second-generation Apple Silicon model was announced with the launch of the M2 chip. Using a refined version of the 5-nanometer manufacturing process used on the M1 chips, the M2 SoC houses a faster CPU, a more powerful GPU, and higher memory bandwidth.

Is M2 good for graphic design? ›

The MacBook Pro with the M2 chip has fantastic performance and great battery life. A great graphic design device with configuration options. The 4K display works with 3D graphics and visualization, game development, and 4K video editing.

Is Mac Studio a super computer? ›

The Mac Studio Ultra is vastly superior to the world's fastest supercomputer from 2001, IBM's one-off ASCI White. That cost $170m, weighed over 100,000 kilograms, took six megawatts in processing and cooling, and produced a paltry 12 TFLOPS.

What is the most powerful Mac product? ›

The Mac Studio is for the user who wants the maximum processing power. While the Mac Studio system on chip has yet to be upgraded from the M1 Max and M1 Ultra, this is still the most powerful Mac you can buy thanks to the M1 Ultra with its 20-core CPU, 48-core GPU, 32-core neural engine and 64GB memory.

Is Mac Studio a success? ›

It was a huge success, offering excellent performance and power efficiency, and in late 2021, Apple expanded on the silicon with the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips, which offered drastically more performance, and launched alongside the MacBook Pro 14-inch (2021) and MacBook Pro 16-inch (2021).

Why is Studio Display more expensive than iMac? ›

Since the Mac Studio is a modular system, you must purchase the display, keyboard, and mouse separately. These purchases start to add up and can be expensive, certainly more than the base price of the 27-inch iMac. Also, many monitors don't come with built-in speakers, camera, or native macOS support.

Is Mac Studio Fix long lasting? ›

What is MAC Studio Fix? The MAC Studio Fix Foundation is known for its full coverage and matte finish. It comes in a huge range of shades to suit different skin tones, and it is designed to last all day without fading or creasing.

Does Mac Studio get hot? ›

With the Mac Studio, Apple managed to fit powerful technology into a very small case, raising concerns about heat build-up. Apple processors typically run cooler than competing chips from other manufacturers, but the Mac Studio is capable of drawing over 200 watts of power and that generates heat.

Is the M2 Ultra better than the RTX? ›

Apple M2 Ultra Performs Very Similarly to Nvidia RTX 4080

It's just 10% slower than the RTX 4080, which is not a small deal at all! Want some numbers? Well, the Nvidia RTX 4080 scores 245,729 in the Geekbench 6 compute benchmark (source). On the other hand, the Apple M2 Ultra has achieved a score of 220,674 (source).

What is the difference between M1 Pro and M2 Ultra? ›

The M1 Pro and M1 Max go a mile further than the M2, including a 10-core CPU and up to 16 and 32 GPU cores, respectively. The M1 Ultra, the biggest Apple silicon chip of all, boasts a 20-core CPU with up to 64 GPU cores. However, the M1 range has lower maximum CPU clock speeds relative to the M2.

How many cores does M2 Ultra have? ›

The M2 Ultra features a 60- or 76-core GPU with up to 9728 ALUs and 27.2 TFLOPS of FP32 performance.

Is M1 Ultra the most powerful CPU? ›


The ‌M1‌ Ultra is faster and more powerful than any other chip that Apple offers, including the 28-core Xeon chip in the highest-end Mac Pro.

Is M2 worth it over M1? ›

The M1 chip supports up to 16GB of unified memory, while the M2 supports 24 GB of memory. That's a 50 percent increase in memory bandwidth. Additionally, the M2's memory controller can withstand 100GB of unified memory, which significantly improves the M1's 68.25GB memory bandwidth.

Is M1 or M2 better for music production? ›

Pro Tools Expert did a test where a slightly more advanced M1 Pro-powered Mac ran over 650 tracks with 2,500 plugins! Obviously that's more than enough for the vast majority of people producing music. So the M2-powered Macs are going to give you more of the same, which is probably a lot more than you need.

Will Mac Studio be upgraded to M2? ›

This year's Studio has been upgraded to the M2 Max and the M2 Ultra, which is two M2 Maxes stapled together.

Is Ultra M2 SSD better than M2 SSD? ›

2 has faster data speed than the M. 2 slot. This is because Ultra M. 2 takes advantage of the maximum bandwidth of an SSD, while sometimes it may slow down the CPU and graphics processing.

Is Apple M2 the best CPU? ›

As seen on PassMark's ranking for laptop CPU single-threaded performance, the Apple M2 Max sits at the top, followed by the 10-core and 12-core variants of the M2 Pro and the standard M2 chip. Intel's best-placed chip, the Core i9-12900HX, is in fifth place.

Why is M2 chip so powerful? ›

The Neural Engine in the M2 can process up to 15.8 trillion operations per second, which Apple claims is over 40 percent more than on M1. The M2 chip supports up to 24GB of memory, and Apple claims it can deliver up to 2x the performance of the M1 chip while using half the power.

Is an M2 chip better than i7? ›

The 12-core-based Core i7 outperforms the M2 chipset in terms of performance but falls short in terms of power efficiency. Apple admits that the 12-core Core i7 processor is faster than the M2 chipset.

Is the M2 chip overkill? ›

Since the company switched over to ARM architecture, its chips are so good that improvements are pointless. Even the M2 Pro and M2 Max are overkill for most customers.

Is M2 more powerful than i9? ›

You can only purchase a MacBook laptop with an M2 processor. Is Apple's M2 processor faster than the Intel i9 processor? Yes, even though the specs might tell you a different story, the Apple M2 processor is about 1.9 times faster than the Intel i9.

What is the difference between M2 Pro chip and M2 Max chip? ›

M2 Pro vs. M2 Max: GPU

The more significant difference between these two chips lies in GPU power. You can basically think of the M2 Max as the M2 Pro with some extra graphic chops. All 16-inch M2 Pro units have 19 GPU cores, while M2 Max buyers have a choice of 30 or 38 cores. (Our test unit has 38.)

Can you run Windows on Mac M2? ›

Microsoft now supports running Windows 11 on Arm on Apple Silicon Macs, but there are some limitations.

What is the fastest Apple chip? ›

Let's take a look at the specifications so we can understand the differences between them. Now let's look at how each processor performs. Not surprisingly, the A16 Bionic in the iPhone 14 Pro is the fastest.

Do I really need the M2 chip? ›

Should you purchase a device with an M2 processor? Simply put, Apple hardware with an M2 processor will have better performance than devices running on older silicon. So if you want one of the best Apple devices on the market, you should buy one with an M2 processor.

Is it worth upgrading to M2 chip? ›

If you frequently do graphically-intensive tasks such as video editing, graphics rendering, and so on, the performance boost and the extra hour of battery life might be worth the cost, as they will help your workflow. However, for most other users, the upgrade isn't worth it since it's just a spec bump.

Is there a M2 Ultra chip? ›

As expected, these scores confirm that the M2 Ultra chip offers up to 20% faster CPU performance compared to the M1 Ultra chip, as Apple advertised. This also means the M2 Ultra is now the fastest chip that Apple has ever released.

What is the most powerful processor chip? ›

Intel has announced an enhanced version of its 13th-Generation Core i9-13900K processor, which is its first to reach speeds of 6.0GHz without overclocking. The new Core i9-13900KS is Intel's fastest-ever CPU and the fastest one currently on the market from any manufacturer.

Is M2 or M1 Pro better? ›

While the M1 Pro offers up to 10 cores on the CPU with 8 performance cores and 2 efficiency cores, along with up to 16-core GPU, the M2 Pro surpasses that. The M2 Pro now has up to 12 cores with an extra two efficiency cores.

Is M1 Ultra faster than M2? ›

M2 vs M1 Ultra

The M1 Ultra is essentially two M1 Max chips sewn together with a super-fast interconnect, so you can take everything about the M1 Max and double it. You actually get 20 CPU cores, so it'll be more than 2.5x faster than the M2's CPU. The GPU is up to 64 cores, and is likely 5x faster than the M2.

How powerful is M2 GPU? ›

M2 Pro scales up the architecture of M2 to deliver an up to 12-core CPU and up to 19-core GPU, together with up to 32GB of fast unified memory. M2 Max builds on the capabilities of M2 Pro, including an up to 38-core GPU, double the unified memory bandwidth, and up to 96GB of unified memory.

Is M2 good for software engineering? ›

It's a powerful machine that can handle workload-intensive tasks such as coding, compiling, and running various software applications. In fact, its performance is so impressive that many developers use it as their primary development device, rather than just as a portable device.

Is M2 enough for Photoshop? ›

The Apple MacBook Air (M2, 2022) is a fantastic thin and light laptop for running Photoshop on, and comes with a range of improvements over the previous model, including a new 1080p webcam and a larger, brighter screen.

What is the M2 graphics card equivalent to? ›

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090
Apple M2 10-Core GPUNVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090
PredecessorM1 8-Core GPU
CodenameAmpere GA102
Memory Speed19500 MHz
12 more rows

Which Mac is the most powerful? ›

MacBook Pro 14-inch (2023)

The MacBook Pro 14-inch 2023 is one of the most powerful portable laptops money can buy, and that's because of the new M2 Pro chip from Apple, which delivers even faster performance than the previous M1 Pro chip.

What is the most powerful Mac ever? ›

With Xeon processors up to 18 cores, up to 22 Teraflops of graphics performance, and a brilliant 27-inch Retina 5K display, iMac Pro is the fastest, most powerful Mac ever made.

What is the most powerful Mac possible? ›

Transformed by Apple silicon.

And every configuration comes with the incredible new M2 Ultra — our most powerful and capable chip ever.

Are Macs more powerful than Windows? ›

In terms of performance, both Mac OS and Windows 11 can handle most tasks easily. However, it is important to note that Macs often require fewer system resources than PCs running Windows 11 to achieve the same level of performance.

What are Macs better at than PC? ›

Users often feel that Macs perform better than PCs. Apple produces its own hardware and operating system, meaning the two are designed to work together seamlessly. Additionally, macOS is generally considered more stable than Windows. Meanwhile, PCs with varying hardware configurations run Windows OS.

What is the fastest Apple Mac chip? ›

Not surprisingly, the A16 Bionic in the iPhone 14 Pro is the fastest.

What is the most expensive Mac build? ›

Apple's new Mac Pro is available to order today: it starts at $5,999, but if you want the most powerful Mac money can buy, it'll cost you $53,799, making it the single most expensive Mac ever made.

What is the highest Mac RAM? ›

The Apple MacBook Pro (2023) has launched, packing macOS Ventura and the M2 Pro/Max chips. For the first time on an Apple laptop, it supports up to 96GB of RAM and 8TB of storage, making it one of the best Macs currently available on the market.

How can I make my Mac more powerful? ›

How to speed up your Mac
  1. Clean up system files and documents. ...
  2. Detect & kill demanding processes. ...
  3. Speed up startup time: Manage startup programs. ...
  4. Remove unused apps. ...
  5. Run a macOS system update. ...
  6. Upgrade your RAM. ...
  7. Swap your HDD for an SSD. ...
  8. Reduce visual effects.

Why is Mac so fast? ›

Apple uses memory, which is designed to serve both large chunks of data and do it very quickly. It is called 'low latency and high throughput'. This removes the need to have two different types of memory and all the copying of data between them, making the M1 faster.

Why are Macs so much faster than Windows? ›

PCs slow down more than Macs because of major differences between the operating systems. Unlike Windows, macOS doesn't have a registry filled with keys from unused programs that slow down the computer. Moreover, macOS is better optimized for Mac hardware and gets less malware.


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