How to get rid of oily hair without dry shampoo (2023)

Are you late for your appointment and your hair looks greasy? There is no need to panic; There are numerous ways to get rid of greasy hair without using dry shampoo. In this article, we are going to share some of the best ways you can instantly cure your greasy hair. Whenever you have a busy schedule and can't find time to shampoo your hair, these tips and tricks will help you a lot.

Our scalp tends to produce oil, which is vital to the health of our hair. But this oil can make our hair look greasy and oily. That's why we use shampoo to wash excess oil out of the hair. You need to do this regularly or the oil can build up in your hair over a few days. But in winter, the bathroom sounds like stress and duty. Drying takes much longer, especially with long hair. When the temperature drops, washing your hair seems impossible. But unfortunately, you cannot date greasy hair and messy hair.

Trockenshampoosthey can help you get rid of greasy hair, but they damage it drastically. You may be thinking what can we do to get rid of fat and fat. Here are some methods or tips to help you get rid of oily and greasy hair naturally and fast. So let's not waste any more time and jump on the streets.

21 ways to get rid of greasy hair without dry shampoo

1. Astringent or Tonic:

Most people don't know it, but astringents and toners contain alcohol in their contents. Therefore, it can be a lifesaver for you when your hair seems greasy. The alcohol found in astringents and toners is strong enough to help you repair lifeless, greasy hair in just seconds. You can also use cheap astringents to improve it if it contains alcohol. However, you should keep in mind that the astringent is harmful to the skin. That's why you should wear a decent hair costume and not drench your hair with it.

2. Cocoa Powder and Cornstarch:

This is a cool hack that will give your hair an extraordinary look. By using cornstarch plus cocoa powder, it works amazingly well on light hair. However, if your hair is dark, you can mix in cocoa powder to give the cornstarch a diluted look. Cocoa powder and cornstarch give your hair a great look and smell; what more do you need than that.

3. Baby pillows:

It is the best alternative to dry shampoo that you can put on your hair. You can sprinkle some baby powder on the roots. Just grab the brush and then comb your hair from root to tip. Do not use the hair dryer.

4. Braids:

If you don't have cornstarch or an astringent, you might be surprised to learn that you don't have to use alternatives that contain secret ingredients. Instead, you can braid your hair. It will also look beautiful. Braids are very famous for disguising oily and greasy hair. So now you have a gimmick in your pocket and you can use it whenever you want without hesitation.

5. Diadem:

Are you late to the office? Don't have time for a braid? There is also another way to hide your oily and greasy hair. You can also wear a headband to camouflage greasy hair and make you look cute. On the other hand, the hair roots can protrude; That is why it is recommended to use the shiny headband that will steal the attention from the roots.

6. Hair dryer:

Did you know that you can wash your hair with a hair dryer? This trick car used to work hard by running a hair dryer and combing your hair with the help of a comb. It gives your hair great volume and makes it look like you just washed your hair recently.

7. Honig:

Using honey to remove oil from your hair doesn't sound crazy? You will be surprised to use honey with a few drops of water. Simply mix the honey with a few drops of water and then apply the mixture to the roots. It subtly cleanses the strands and you need to make sure to remove any greasy residue left on the scalp. The water ensures that the honey does not stick together and gives your hair a distinctive look. It is recommended not to do this if you are going to an outdoor event as the bugs will fly over your head.

8. Tease Roots:

It gets worse when the roots of the hair become greasy. It happens when you skip wash day and don't use shampoo for oily scalp for a long time. Using honey will not help you fix the roots. However, it is an effective and quick way to add volume to your hair and then hide greasy roots. If you need to heal greasy roots, you need to pin the section of hair up, then use the hairspray and style it. It gives you some volume and gives you a dry bang.

9. Topknot Bun:

Shapiro MD Shampoo Review

Shapiro MD Shampoo Review

There are times when you don't have much time to use these strategies. On this day, the knot bun will save the day. The high bun hairstyle can give a messy look, and the bun gives you enough texture to hide your oily roots. Hence, the high bun is a beneficial way to solve the problem of greasy hair.

10. Blotting Papers:

Blotting papers are a great alternative to dry shampoo. This little item will have a magical effect on your hair. You can simply do the puffy paper with the scalp and roots. The oil soaks into the paper easily.

11. Try new hairstyles for oily and greasy hair:

If you can't shampoo your hair, you can try blow drying and styling it. Some hairstyles work very well for oily and greasy ponytails, messy ponytails, brain teasers and side sweeps. You can use this style of sleek hairstyle to combat oily or oily hair instead of dry shampoo.

12. Hand Sanitizer:

Yes, the hand sanitizer is the one you use regularly. You had no idea about it beforehand? It will be of great help to you to get rid of oily or greasy hair. Using it is easy as you use it in your hand to remove the oil. Likewise, you can use it for your hair. You can rub it on the lower parts, roots and scalp of your hair in the appropriate amount. The alcohol in the sanitizer will take care of the oil and it will show up in new hair.

13. Fragrances:

You may be thinking, what is this advice? But fortunately, it is one of the best tips that will give you a great chance to deal with an oily look. The perfume is a quick application on the oily parts of the hair, especially on the scalp, lower parts and hair roots. The alcohol contained in the solution gives you the opportunity to get rid of the oil. It also gives your hair a fantastic perfume.

It is important to know that using alcohol content means you must use it for a common purpose, otherwise it will dry out your hair.

14. Vinegar:

While showering, take some ACV or apple cider vinegar in the palm of your hand, rub into the roots of oily and greasy hair, and then rinse out.

Fresh apple cider vinegar is acidic and can heal oily hair and treat oil on the scalp. It acts very gently on your hair strands.

Apple cider vinegar doesn't strip your hair of any essential nutrients. It's gentle and helps your hair create a non-greasy look. You can use it anytime without any threat.

15. Miniaturexplosion:

Oily and greasy hair looks flat and limp. Therefore, if you increase the volume of your hair slightly, your hair will look a little less greasy. In these areas, using a wheel brush or rollers and then using a blower can help. It helps your hair look more vibrant and less greasy.

16. Backpulver:

Did you know that baking soda can help you get rid of greasy hair? Baking soda is an abrasive with exfoliating properties, and baking soda absorbs dirt and oil from the air. Baking soda works as a boon when you're stressed out by greasy hair. You need to sprinkle baking soda on your scalp and hairline and blend it with your makeup brush. Remove excess from your scalp. You can also use it with the water to make the paste. Spread it on your scalp and leave it on for a few minutes. Then wash the paste with clean water. This remedy will help you restore hair health.

17. Clean and condition front and side hair:

Cleansing and conditioning gives a washed-out look to the front and sides of the hair. After washing, you can condition the hair and blow-dry it for volume. This procedure is quick and is also used to get rid of greasy hair transformations before going out on the street.

18. Moisture:

No time to wash your hair? You can dip your hair with some water and then use the styling spray to style the hair without using dry shampoo. You can also do this in a sink without taking a shower. You don't even have to have any hair; Instead, you can use little water and use the spray to create a blow-dry look.

19. Salt and Cornmeal:

Have you also thought about how salt can be a therapy? Well, this is a versatile mineral that produces beautiful results beyond your imagination. The results are heavenly when you add some cornmeal to them. You can get a cheese shaker or a pepper or salt shaker to mix these things together. You can add 1/2 cup of cornmeal and 1 tablespoon of salt, then shake well. You need to spray on the hair and then brush all the oil and dirt out of your hair.

20. Trockener Ton:

The dry clay acts like a dry shampoo and leaves your hair with a fantastic scent. That's because the silica is present in the dry clay and removes the oil, or sebum as you might call it, from the scalp. It will also give you a salon look. You can also use dry clay such as root powder, red, white, green, agar, etc. You can also use milk powder in the mixture for a much better effect. Just fix the dry clay and milk powder and apply on the hair and you will see tremendous effects. You can use it like other methods.

21. Fur:

To make your dry shampoo, you need a substance that can absorb oil from your hair. Arrowroot is the natural oil absorbent. You can massage the arrowroot directly into your scalp or you can use the arrowroot powder on your scalp as well. You need to brush and part your hair and then apply the mixture. If you want to use wet arrowroot, you can use 1 cup warm water, then ¼ cup vodka, ¼ cup arrowroot, and then it's ready to use. You have created your spray shampoo.


Greasy hair is very annoying and it can be even more annoying when you don't have time to shampoo. Now you don't need to worry; You have numerous ways to get rid of greasy hair in just a few seconds. You don't even need a dry shampoo. Read the shapes and apply them as you wish. This way you can create a stylish look. But yeah, don't use it regularly. Instead, maintain the health of your hair by shampooing every 2-3 days.


  • 1 21 ways to get rid of greasy hair without dry shampoo
    • 1.1 1. Astringent or Tonic:
    • 1.2 2. Cocoa Powder and Corn Starch:
    • 1.3 3. Baby pillows:
    • 1.4 4. Braids:
    • 1.5 5. Diadem:
    • 1.6 6. Dryer:
    • 1.7 7. Honig:
    • 1.8 8. Cause Roots:
    • 1.9 9. Top Knot Bun:
    • 1.10 10. Blotting Papers:
    • 1.11 11. Try new hairstyles for oily and greasy hair:
    • 1.12 12. Hand Sanitizer:
    • 1.13 13. Perfumery:
    • 1.14 14. Vinegar:
    • 1.15 15. Miniaturexplosion:
    • 1.16 16. Backpulver:
    • 1.17 17. Clean and condition the front and sides of the hair:
    • 1.18 18. Humidifier:
    • 1.19 19. Salt and Cornmeal:
    • 1.20 20. Trockener Ton:
    • 1.21 21. About:
  • 2 conclusion
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