New breweries, taprooms and more: 12 craft beer openings in central Pennsylvania. (2023)

The COVID-19 pandemic hasn't stopped local craft brewers from pursuing their plans.

Sure, the coronavirus has slowed taproom grand openings and pushed back brewery plans. Everyone in the industry knows that to be successful you have to move forward.

Several breweries are expanding and new ones are being added. Some are already open, others are about to turn on the tap.

Here are 12 new craft breweries making their mark on the craft beer scene in central Pennsylvania. We are sorry if we have excluded newcomers.

Here's the overview:

New breweries, taprooms and more: 12 craft beer openings in central Pennsylvania. (1)

From England

The live music venue/restaurant/brewery, part of the Hershey West End co-ed development in Derry Township, will open July 20 in a converted barn.

The historic dairy barn, known as Englewood Barn, has undergone a multi-million dollar makeover including sound and lighting by Clair Global in Lititz. The company produces concerts worldwide for artists such as Taylor Swift, Elton John and Guns N' Roses.

“It was a small dream with nightmarish qualities, but we are on our way home and excited to open it up,” said partner Rick Russellvia a Facebook video update.

Brewing is led by Jesse Prall, the former founder/brewer of Rubber Soul Brewing. He has worked at Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Delaware and Appalachian Brewing Co. in Harrisburg.

The restaurant is operated by Tom Scott, the former owner of McGrath's Pub and Scott's Grille in Harrisburg. The Englewood menu will be upscale, casual and eclectic, Russell said, adding that it was developed by executive chef Matt Miller.

Always grain farms

A little funk comes up at Ever Grain Brewing Co. while the brand welcomes Ever Grain Farms.

Owners Norm Fromm and Larry Dolan bought a small farm in Upper Allen Township to focus on quirky farm beers with a nod to old world traditions.

Ever Grain Farm offers 100% oak fermented beers, mixed culture beers, homegrown ales and fun experimental ales, as well as lagers made with as many local ingredients as possible.

Some of these ingredients come from the farm's fruit trees, berry bushes and beehives, while produce such as root vegetables, peppers and tomatoes are grown in garden beds. The beer is bottled in the barn, which the owners plan to open up for events and dinners.

The barn houses 200 oak barrels, a refrigerated vessel and some specially designed digesters.

Harris Family Brewery

Partners Shaun Harris, Jerry "JT" Thomas and Tim White have reason to celebrate.

They recently raised over $32,000 through aGoFundMe-campaignto make their urban craft brewery – and the first black-owned craft brewery in Pennsylvania – a reality.

“Our goal is very close, but we NEED your help to reach that finish line. We are still privately owned and still being laughed at by banks that don't believe in the DREAM," White wrote on the GoFundMe page.

The partners say the money will be used to pay for a final license and cover "a few more brewery needs."

Last year, they received a building permit from Harrisburg for a 3,000-square-foot industrial building at 1721 Holly St. in Allison Hill, an area they call "craft beer desert."

Harris Family will initially operate as a wholesale brewery selling to bars and restaurants. Eventually they will find and develop a second place for a taproom.

"One step into our taproom and you'll be immersed in hip-hop culture, an experience unlike any other craft brewery in Pennsylvania," the website states.

Hemauer Brewery Co.

1010 Wesley Drive, Mechanicsburg

"Pour liquid art, one pint at a time," is the slogan.

The craft brewery recently opened a taproom offering beer, a small menu, merchandise, Reading Soda Works sodas, snacks, and Hot Heads sauces. Choose from 16-ounce and 8-ounce cans for individual four-packs or to take on flights.

Find it near the Hunan Express Chinese Restaurant and Subway and a few doors down from the Peppermill Diner.

Owner Brooks Hemauer started brewing in his home in Dillsburg and expanded production to a detached garage.

Hemauer has traditional beers and lagers with a unique taste. Popular beers include NEIPA and an oatmeal stout, Just The Tip Spruce Brown Ale.


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Weeping Henry Brewery

Owner Greg Schertzer hopes to open a new taproom at 35 E. Second St. in Hummelstown.

"I can say that unless something crazy happens in the craziest year of our lives, it will definitely be open in mid-August," he said.

Named after his family's 10-year-old beagle, Howling Henry's is housed in an unmarked warehouse in Hummelstown on North Duke Street. Used dairy milk tanks purchased online have been converted into fermenters and mash tanks.

The journey to Howling Henry's began with a wine set Schertzer bought. But he admitted that he was quickly put off by the extreme sterilization rules involved in winemaking. He was afraid he would ruin every batch and make people sick.

So he ditched the wine set and took a different route. He bought a shower set for his home.

Lindgren Craft Brewery

Father-son team Clifford and Michael Lindgren transform a former bank in Duncannon into Lindgren Craft Brewery's new taproom. They have been brewing beer on the family's Penn Township farm in Perry County for several years.

Earlier this year, they announced they had purchased the historic Duncannon National Bank at 5 N. Market St. for the brewery/tavern.

The Lindgren's told the Perry County Times that they are considering hiring an experienced restaurateur as a partner so they can focus on brewing.

Six packs of their beer are available exclusively The beers are also available on tap at several restaurants, including Mastracchio's Restaurant & Lounge in Newport and Sorrento's Bar & Lounge in Duncannon, and sold at some beer merchants.

New breweries, taprooms and more: 12 craft beer openings in central Pennsylvania. (2)

Rubber Soul Brewing Co.

The former Maryland brewery has been sold to new partners who will bring the brand to Hummelstown later this summer.

Hummelstown owners and residents Michael VanGavree, Joe Perkins and Michael Martini bought Rubber Soul's assets out of bankruptcy last year. It was created in 2015 by Steelton native Jesse Prall.

The new partners are renovating a former county building on the 100 block of South Hanover Street, across from the Olde Antique Shop and Rita's Italian Ice. They expect it to open in August.

They will brew some of the original Rubber Soul recipes, but the beers may taste slightly different as they are brewed with Hummelstown water.

A seven keg system will produce Rubber Soul beer for a 10 draft, can and crow system. Head brewer is Donovan "Dono" Krebs, who previously worked at Manyunk Brewing Company, Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company and most recently Levante Brewery in West Chester.

New breweries, taprooms and more: 12 craft beer openings in central Pennsylvania. (3)

Torn Flag Brewery and still working

Tattered Flag in Middletown is expanding again.

They opened in Gettysburg and Hershey and served beer at Reading's First Energy Stadium last season. Next is a barrel house at 1018 N. Christian St. in Lancaster.

The property is located behind Station Square, opposite the Lancaster Amtrak station. Tattered Flag co-owner Pat Devlin said they've been working on the project for about a year and see Lancaster as a good market to expand their customer base.

Fasshaus will specialize in cask-aged beers, as well as spirits and non-aged beers. Devlin said they are considering a deli menu and can accommodate 50 to 60 guests in the complex.

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Tied House Lititz

27-31 E. Main Street, Lititz

St. Boniface Brewing in Ephrata recently acquired a second location. It opened a branch with a full-service restaurant in the former JoBoy's Brewpub in Lititz.

The Tied House, which takes its name from the British system of brewpubs, is open for limited hours for onsite and outdoor seating, as well as takeaway. The menu is small, with options for 8-ounce broken burgers, street corn, wings, marinated tofu tacos, and homemade hot pastrami sandwiches.

Of course, St. Bonifatius beer is sold in crows, cans and full crates.

A basement room has an entrance from Main Street and is called the narthex. The second floor is used as an event space.

St. Boniface will continue to brew and operate its taproom in Ephrata. It was founded in 2010 by Jonathon Northup and Michael Price. Partner Dain Shirey joined them in 2013.

Der Watershed Pub

2129 Market Street, Camp Hill

Millworks Brewery is behind Camp Hill's newest venture, the Watershed Pub.

The pub in the neighborhood is closed, the opening date announcement is expected soon.

Owner Joshua Kesler announced the project in 2018 in the former Creative Elegance Boutique. Beer from the Harrisburg Millworks will be served, along with Pennsylvania wine, beer and spirits, paired with a sustainable, farm-focused menu.

Renovations include expanding the porch and moving a parking lot from the side to the back of the building to create outdoor seating, Kesler said. He also emphasized that the architectural features of the 1830s building would be preserved.

Kesler opened Millworks in Midtown in 2015. In addition to the restaurant, the facility houses a gallery and about twenty rented artist studios. In 2016, he opened the 165-seat rooftop brewery and beer garden.

New breweries, taprooms and more: 12 craft beer openings in central Pennsylvania. (4)

Wolf Brewing Co.

10 Legacy Park Drive, Mechanicsburg

Wolf Brewing Co. has recently done groundbreaking work.

Brewery owners Derek and Elaine Wolf, who are in the brewing industry and have the hardware to prove it, will open an 800-square-foot facility in the Market Square portion of the neighborhood's Landmark Legacy Park. The opening of the facility is scheduled for February/March 2021.

It includes a brewery, taproom, lounge and kitchen with seating for 100 to 120 guests. Weather permitting, guests can sit on the terrace for special occasions and play games in the garden.

The taproom serves homemade dishes with a gourmet touch. About 24 taps serve a wide variety of beers, while guests can order ciders, meads, wines, and Pennsylvania spirits. The beer is brewed on a 10-barrel system and includes traditional and non-traditional styles, as well as seasonal offerings.

New breweries, taprooms and more: 12 craft beer openings in central Pennsylvania. (5)

ZeroDay Brewing Co.

It's a big year for ZeroDay Brewing Company in Harrisburg.

Nearly five years after arriving in Midtown, ZeroDay has several projects in the works, including a new taproom under construction at 925 N. Third St. The 150-seat taproom will feature "several indoor seating areas and a courtyard" as event space. for up to 60 people.

A microbrewery will offer options including the "special barrel room for wood-aged and sour beers." As for food, Cork and Fork Osteria is participating in the project with a Mexican/Tapas menu.

Meanwhile, ZeroDay is excited to open a new lounge at Midtown Cinema with a 10-seat bar and tables. The Midtown is currently undergoing a major renovation project that will also include dedicated areas for large-scale breweries.

If that wasn't enough, Zeroday's owners said they'll be partnering with Shakedown BBQ on a project next year at the new Susquehanna Union Green Development in Susquehanna Township.

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