The definitive guide to the best restaurants in Bethlehem, PA - The Sayre Mansion (2023)

You don't have to look far to find a delicious meal on your trip to Bethlehem, PA! There are countless incredible restaurants close to Sayre Mansion, each offering a menu of innovative, value-for-money dishes. Here's our pick of some of the best restaurants in Bethlehem, PA and the surrounding Lehigh Valley region!

However, there are some incredible onesRestaurants in Bethlehem, PA, there is so much more to enjoy!Download our free holiday guidefor a complete overview of the best museums, historic sites and attractions in the area.


  • 1 beste restaurants in Bethlehem, PA
    • 1.1 The Speakeasy Bookstore
    • 1.2 Social still
    • 1.3 Edge-Restaurant
    • 1.4 De Munt-gastropub
    • 1,5 smelt
    • 1.6 Bethlehem Brew factory
  • Check out these other great restaurants in the Lehigh Valley
    • 2.1 The Hamilton Kitchen and Bar
    • 2.2 Raster 3501
  • 3 Looking for the best breakfast? Stay at the Sayre Mansion

The best restaurants in Bethlehem, PA

The Speakeasy bookstore

The definitive guide to the best restaurants in Bethlehem, PA - The Sayre Mansion (1)This unique restaurant harkens back to Prohibition times, when anyone looking for a drink had to find secret stashes in the back rooms of shops. Today, visitors can enjoy the atmosphere of the Jazz Age without secrecyThe Speakeasy bookstore! The menu here offers classic American dishes with a modern twist. If you stop by for a cocktail and a quick bite, try the chickpea popcorn or the black truffle fries with homemade ketchup. They also have a fantastic range of small plates, perfect for sharing with a loved one. Try the blackened scallops or snails served with Thai basil herb butter. When you've worked up an appetite, choose one of the starters, such as the mushroom and spinach filled duxelle pasta, served with roasted squash and sauteed sage ragout.

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The speakeasy bookstore is just one of themnine minutes walk from the Sayre Mansion.

social still

social stillis part distillery, part bar and part restaurant. That means you can start your visit with oneTourof the complex and let it end with a delicious meal! Their restaurant is housed in a Prohibition-era bank and, as you would expect from a distillery, offers some amazing cocktails. There is also a selection of small plates and snacks, salads, burgers and sandwiches, entrees and desserts. However, this is not your average bar meal. From the deluxe smokehouse nachos with minced smoked brisket and a bourbon cheddar fondue to the tuna tar tacos, you'll be amazed at the delicious food. For starters, try the Jail Island salmon served with edamame, local cherry tomatoes, roasted corn and a walnut romesco. Top it off with a goat's milk cheesecake or the coconut rice pudding and you have a delicious meal!

Social Still is just onefive minutes drive from the Sayre Mansion.


The definitive guide to the best restaurants in Bethlehem, PA - The Sayre Mansion (2)Randrestauranthas one of the most eclectic menus in town. Chef Timothy Widrick has taken New American and added some French and Asian influences to create a unique experience! The menu is divided by plate size, small, medium and large plates, but salads and desserts are also available. The small plates are a great snack, especially paired with one of their homemade cocktails. If you stop by for lunch or a light dinner, try the medium-sized dishes such as baked brie or chicken, smoked gouda, and arugula pizza. If you're hungry, treat yourself to one of the large plates. Don't miss the baked duck breast with mushroom pätzle, asparagus and a dried cherry gastrique! Of course, no meal at Edge Restaurant is complete without dessert! Try one of their heavenly treats or even one of their dessert cocktails like the Key Lime Martini or Café le Lait.

The Edge Restaurant also offers a fantastic selection of daily happy hour specials. From Margarita Mondays (with $6 margaritas) to Sangria Saturdays (where you can get jars of house sangrias for $26), there's always a good reason to visit! Combine that with their food specials, where you can enjoy some of their dishes for less, and you have a great afternoon ahead of you.

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Edge Restaurant is just onethree minute drive from the Sayre Mansion.

Der Mint gastropub

Enjoy "modern home cooking" during your visit.Der Mint gastropub. Whether you're looking for fried chicken or foie gras, you'll find something that will nourish both body and soul! They also have vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. Don't miss the Vegan Bankburger. It consists of a homemade beetroot patty, curry ketchup, tofunnaise, lettuce, tomato, onion, locally made ciabatta bread and potato cakes. The Mint Gastropub is also known for its macaroni and cheese selection. Enjoy a spicy chipotle bacon treat with locally sourced bacon, chipotle seasoning, and buttered breadcrumbs. If you're feeling French, order the Parisian dish, which consists of brie bacon, truffle oil, mushrooms and breadcrumbs.

The Mint Gastropub is just onefive minutes drive from the Sayre Mansion.

To melt

If you're traveling with the girls, definitely book oursGirls Night Out-pakketto enjoy dinner for twoTo melt! This hip eatery is one of the best Italian restaurants in Bethlehem, PA and has an excellent wine list. For your antipasti misto you can choose from a selection of cold cuts and Italian cheeses. They also have a selection of traditional Italian starters, e.gBurrataofpasta and beans.Forseconds, enjoy excellent preparation ofVesuv-steak, an 8-ounce grilled NY strip steak served with small potatoes, sweet peas, and a red wine sauce. Melt also offers a three-course fixed price menu for $31, available Sunday through Thursday. It consists of a starter, a main course and a dessert.

Melt is only one10 minutes drive from Sayre Mansion.

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Bethlehem Brew factory

The definitive guide to the best restaurants in Bethlehem, PA - The Sayre Mansion (3)Part brewery and part restaurantBethlehem Brew factoryis the best place for a cold beer and great food! This brewpub has gained worldwide recognition as two of their beers have won golf at the World Beer Championship. They have a great Happy Hour Monday through Friday from 4-6pm. There you can enjoy Fegley's Flagship Drafts for only $3 and the Five for $5 snack menu! Many dishes on their menu feature their own beers, such as the BREWschetta, a classic bruschetta with a sauce featuring their Space Monkey Raspberry Season. Bessemer's Bratwurst consists of hearty sausages with a mustard sauce that incorporates Fegley's ESB, one of their most popular beers. President Barack Obama even enjoyed it during his 2008 visit!

Bethlehem Brew Works is eentwo minutes drive from the Sayre Mansion.

Check out these other great restaurants in the Lehigh Valley

The Hamilton kitchen and bar

The Hamilton kitchen and bar, an Allentown favorite, specializes in upscale comfort food. They use local ingredients whenever possible. For example, their cheese curd appetizer uses Kirchenberg Farm curd, and their bresaola toast entree uses Pennsylvania cheddar, served on marbled rye and topped with pickles, pickled shallots, and mizuna. The Hamilton serves lunch, dinner and brunch not to be missed! Enjoy perfectly prepared Southern classics like fried chicken and waffles or biscuits and gravy. Pair your meal with their County Coffee, a classic cup of coffee with a shot of bourbon.

Hamilton Kitchen and Bar is about one20 minutes drive from Sayre Mansion.

Raster 3501

With a fantastic range of cocktails and beers, award-winning food and a unique atmosphere,Raster 3501is one of the best restaurants and martini bars in the area. It is a ten-time winner of Lehigh Valley Style Magazine's Decadent Dish Award and a six-time winner of Lehigh Valley Magazine's Best of the Valley Award. The cuisine includes classic gourmet dishes such as foie gras (preparation varies) or tuna tartar, but also some modern dishes. If you fancy something different, try the ostrich steak with sweet potato bread pudding, caramelized onions and Brussels sprouts, and a shishito pepper jam. Stop by during Happy Hour, Monday through Friday, 4-6 PM, and enjoy select appetizers for half price.

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Cricket 3501 is one20 minutes drive from Sayre Mansion.

Looking for the best breakfast? Stay at the Sayre Mansion

The definitive guide to the best restaurants in Bethlehem, PA - The Sayre Mansion (4)We've listed our picks of the best restaurants in Bethlehem, PA, but if you're looking for the tastiestBreakfastIn the city, the choice is clear. When you stay at the Sayre Mansion, start your day with a delicious meal served in our elegant dining room. With a fresh fruit buffet and homemade muffins, breads and pastries, plus a selection of hot entrees, it's no wonder so many guests choose to stay at the Sayre Mansion.

Are you ready to book your stay? View our wonderful selectionaccommodationsInCheck our availability today! We look forward to seeing you.

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